CRPF set 400 tents ablaze in Baltal: Geelani

Srinagar: Accusing paramilitary CRPF of burning 400 tents of the local service providers at Baltal, Sonamarag, chairman Hurriyat Conference (G) Syed Ali Geelani Saturday said that “the forces cannot terrorize and humiliate Kashmiris.”
“Burning 400 tents of the local service providers is depiction of Indian communal mind set and these types of acts are totally unacceptable to the people of Kashmir,” Geelani said in a statement.
“Jammu Kashmir is not any colony of India where its forces can terrorize and humiliate the common people at will but it is a disputed region which has been forcibly occupied by the India.”
Geelani said, “The people of Kashmir have never accepted the illegal and unjust occupation of India and they have from the very first day of the occupation protested against it and that is why the incidents like Baltal happen in Kashmir every now and then where CRPF set 400 tents on fire in the broad day light and then used extreme force on the labourers and shopkeepers without any justification.”
Questioning why the accused who stabbed Naib Khan is being shielded Geelani said, “Due to the Narendra Modi government the communal minded people have got encouraged and now these forces have come out in open. It is very unfortunate that the Kashmiris are being gifted with bullets for their traditional hospitality.”
Cautioning people not to sell their land to outsiders Hurriyat (G) chairman urged people to stand up or be prepared for the worst.   “If we remain silent and unmoved over the dangerous and cruel policies of India, Kashmir will enter into a darkest phase of history.”
“Kashmiris should resist the policies of India to grab the land. People should not sell even a small piece of land to the India or its institutions so that they can save their future generation from this slavery,” said Geelani.
He accused India of following Israeli pattern to change the demography of the state. “The Jews under the conspiracy grabbed the land in Palestine and named it as Israel. After that they forced 40 lakh Palestinian people to live life in exile while as the children of the remaining Palestinian people are brutally killed in air strikes.”