Army behaves like Hitler in Kashmir: Malik

Srinagar: Paying tributes to the people killed in firing by paramilitary BSF in Gool, Ramban last year, JKLF chairman Mohammad Yasin Malik on Saturday said the Indian army “is behaving like Hitler in Kashmir.”
“Gool killings in 2013 by Indian forces reminds us of the oppression and cruelty of these forces and the impunity with which they are operating in Jammu Kashmir. The forces have no fear of being penalized. They are operating like Hitler, and the immunity and impunity provided to these killer forces is responsible for this cruel attitude and killings in Jammu Kashmir,” Malik said in a statement.
He said, “Instead of penalizing the army, cases were registered against those killed and their kin. This again shows that pro-Indian politicians and rulers of Kashmir are there only to protect these killer forces.”

One Response to "Army behaves like Hitler in Kashmir: Malik"

  1. Mazo   July 20, 2014 at 3:24 am

    If the Army was behaving like Htiler than Malik and his family would be the first people to inaugurate concentration camps where they would be forced to work till they died of starvation or disease.

    If this was Nazi germany, this bufoon Malik wouldn’t have the time to hold rallies and protests and ask people to throw stones – he would be busy carrying bricks till he collapsed and then watched as his wife and children were taken away from him and made to work till death.

    Clearly, this fool Malik doesn’t know the first thing about Hitler or Nazi Germany and if he think the Indian Army is anywhere “close” to being a “killer force” he should get out of INDIA and go to his beloved Porkistan and see what the Pakistani Army is doing to his cousins in Waziristan.