Mirwaiz compares Israel to Apartheid South Africa, seeks world sanctions, boycott

Mirwaiz compares Israel to Apartheid South Africa, seeks world sanctions, boycott

Srinagar: Various pro freedom parties Friday urged the international community to show solidarity with Palestine by imposing economic sanctions against Israel .
“It is not enough for the world to only condemn Israel. The world must show solidarity with Palestinians and impose sanctions and economic boycott of Israel like Apartheid South Africa so that it is forced to concede to a just and lasting solution to the Palestinine problem,” the Mirwaiz said adressing a rally after Friday prayers at Jamia Masjid here.
Mirwaiz said, “Even when not being bombed by the Israelis, Gaza is under a constant state of blockade and siege.”
JKLF chairman Mohammad Yasin Malik while addressing a gathering in Ganderbal district said the current ordeal of Palestinians was a result of the “criminal attitude, negligence and silence of international community. “However, the sale of land by Palestinians to Israelis in 1940 is also responsible for their situation,” he said.
He cautioned Kashmiris that they should not fall into the same trap. “Kashmir and Kashmiris are also passing through these times and if we don’t stop selling our lands to Indian state, forces and army, our situation may become worse than Palestinians.”
Malik said the criminal negligence and silence of international community on issues like Jammu Kashmir and Palestine posed the biggest threat to world peace.
Jama’at-e-Islami Jammu and Kashmir chief Mohammad Abdullah Wani termed Israeli aggression against Palestine “a result of chaos and disunity among Muslims.”
Addressing a Friday congregation prayers in Bait-ul-Mukarram Masjid Barramulla, Wani lamented that Muslims across the world are engaged in mutual conflicts and clashes. “Today we stand divided on the basis of nationalism, linguistic issues, ethnicity etc resulting in disunity and it is the result of this chaos and disunity among that our adversaries like Israel are emboldened to carry their massacre and genocide,” said Wani
He appealed Muslims to boycott all Israeli and Jewish products so as “to show solidarity with Palestinian brethren and to prove to the world that we are not going to tolerate Israeli aggression on Muslims.”
Meanwhile Hurriyat Conference Jammu Kashmir held a protest demonstration in South Kashmir’s Anantnag district. The protestors chanted anti-Israel and pro-Palestine slogans.

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  1. Sachin Joshi   July 19, 2014 at 1:07 am

    Just WHO does this so-called THIRD-RATE “mirwaiz” think he is (to call for boycott and international sanctions against Israel) … some kind of “Khalifa” of the whole world…. or even the of the so-called “Ummah” ??? What a JOKER!! He even is beginning to LOOK like a joker with his that clown-of-a-hat he wears…. a proper LAUGHING STOCK … just like his proper comrade-in-arms the senile demented Geelani “sahaab” … LOL…!!!


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