3 AIP leaders of Anantnag announce resignation

ANANTNAG: Three district level leaders of the newly formed Awami Itihad Party Thursday resigned over what they call ‘dictatorial’ attitude of party president Eng Rashid.
Advocate Mujeeb, Khursheed Malik and district president Bashir Tawakal announced their resignation from the party. The trio had joined AIP earlier this year. Talking to Kashmir Reader, Mujeeb said, “We had already distanced ourselves from the party but today we announce our resignation. We are highly disappointed by the dictatorial attitude of the party chief Er Rasheed.” He said that the party is a one-man show and nobody else has any say in party decisions.
Bashir Tawakal, who announced his resignation as district president of the party, said that the party leadership miserably failed to come up to their expectations. “We had joined AIP with some hopes and expectations but the party leadership particularly its chief failed to come up to our expectations. There is lack of discipline in the party. Except few people nobody’s suggestions are being considered. So we decided to part ways,” Tawakal said adding that almost all the people from Anantnag who had joined the party have parted ways from it.
Party chief Eng Rashid, when contacted said that none of them was part of his party. ” Mujeeb and Khursheed had never joined the party formally. Tawakal was there for some time but he too had stopped taking part in party activities and programs for some months. I can say he too was already out,” he said.