Waiting for Seharkhwan

Baramulla:  Despite sophisticated gadgets available people in Barmullah Town still wait for Hakim-ud-Din Khan’s drum to awake them for Suhoor(Sehri).
Hakim-ud-Din Khan of border town Kalaroos Kupwara is a professional Sehar Khana who is doing his duty for the past four decades. The only hitch came during the peak of armed rebellion when night curfew was in vogue. But soon he resumed his work of awakening people for Suhoor in Baramulla town.
Today Khan takes his nephew Nizam-ud-Din along with him to awake people for Suhoor. This way he also trains his nephew. Khan while talking to Kashmir Reader said, “I along with my nephew start beating drums from 2 am from Kanli Bagh. From there on we go to different areas of the town to awake people for Suhoor.”
However, Khan is guarded while beating the drum. He does not beat it in the area where non Muslims live.
Khan says he does not awake people for the sake of money but considers it as a charity.
“I feel proud of awakening people for Suhoor in this blessed month. People do not give me any salary for this work neither do I demand,” said Khan while continuing to beat his drum.
He said people from every age group give him money and honour him on the last day of Ramadan. “They out of affection provide me money, clothes, rice and other essential things,” said Khan while rounding up his first round of drum beating.
A local resident, Mohammad Sidiq said, “We have facilities like watches, cell phones, radio, and other things available but we awake only when we hear the drumbeats of Hakim ud Din.