NC’s rule will be written along with tales of cruel kings: PDP’s Alam

Srinagar: Peoples Democratic Party leader Muhammad Khurshid Alam Friday said the National Conference’s rule “will be written in the pages of history along with the tales of the cruel kings.”
“History stands witness to the fact that every time NC acquires power, Kashmir suffers the worst with the license to kill being issued by the autocrats,” Alam said in a statement.
“In Srinagar, NC exploited the very foundations of the city and detained the youth without any crime. They are responsible for throwing thousands of young boys to jails and in interrogation centres,” he said.
“Young one who could have been going to schools were detained with the criminals at police stations. It is NC’s deadly regime that will be written in the pages of history besides the tales of the cruel kings,” Alam added.
Alam accused NC of treating Kashmir as its private enterprise. “It is ironical that those who are responsible for killing and detaining youth across the Srinagar are nowadays demanding amnesty for them,” he said.