GMC’s recruitment policy: Boon for docs returning from Middle East, bane for Valley-based medicos

SRINAGAR: The policy for employment of lecturers in the Government Medical College (GMC) here may be facilitating easy recruitment of the medicos who had earlier left their jobs to work in Middle East for high monetary benefits.
Each year, the GMC appoints lecturers on one year contract known as academic arrangement. The lecturers become non-regular part of the college’s faculty till the contract lasts.
Insiders in the college, however, told Kashmir Reader that the recruitment rules are favouring employment of medicos who have been serving in the Middle East for many years. As per existing rules, in-service candidates or Public Service Commission (PSC)-confirmed candidates cannot apply for the positions.
“Consequently, what happens is that the doctors who have been working abroad only to earn money, get an ample opportunity to apply for the positions. And many of them actually get selected on the posts because of the experience they have,” the insiders said.
While the decision to declare the in-service candidates as ineligible has been taken on request of the Directorate of Health Services Kashmir (DHSK), the insiders said the policy was going against GMC’s own students too.
“DHSK requested for the policy change because many of its medicos were using the posts to switch over to GMC. Now they can’t apply, but it is not benefitting GMC students in a big way as they have to compete with experienced candidates returning from abroad,” they said.
The appointment is made by the college itself through a panel constituted specially for the purpose.
In previous years, the insiders said, many candidates who had been working outside got the posts.
“They had earlier left their government service to work abroad for money. Now when they seek to return to the Valley after having earned well, these posts come as an easy option for them to get into government service,” they said.
GMC Principal, Dr Rafiq Pampori, however, said the policy was beneficial for GMC’s non-PSC confirmed students.
“We don’t entertain in-service or PSC confirmed candidates on request of the DHSK. I don’t think it is facilitating employment of the candidates from abroad. Besides, this policy is certainly beneficial for our students who aren’t PSC-confirmed yet,” he told Kashmir Reader.