3 more nominated for JKLF’s Diplomatic Bureau

Srinagar: JKLF’s Diplomatic Bureau chief Prof. Zaffar Khan Wednesday said the party will continue with its efforts on diplomatic front to garner support of the international community for a just and lasting solution of the Kashmir issue.
“JKLF Diplomatic Bureau will continue its democratic and peaceful efforts to mobilize support for the freedom movement of Jammu Kashmir on international front and no stone will be left unturned in this regard,” Khan said in a statement.
He also announced nomination of three more members of the bureau which include Mohammad Rafiq Dar (Pakistan) and Tariq Sharif and Mehmood Hussain from London. On June 14, Khan was elected as JKLF Diplomatic Bureau chief while Ataf Ahmad Qadri was elected as secretary of the bureau.
Khan said that these nominations have been made after thorough consultations and approval of JKLF chairman Mohammed Yasin Malik. He hoped that all the members of the bureau will “work tirelessly for the sacred cause and mobilize support for the freedom movement on diplomatic and international front.”