Rs 1.32 lakhs realized as fine, registration fee from erring handicraft dealers

SRINAGAR: To curb the malpractices of the unscrupulous handicraft dealers, the inspection teams of quality control wing of the Handicrafts department Tuesday conducted intensive market checking and realised an amount of Rs 1,32, 000 as registration fee and fine from the erring traders, an official handout issued here said.
The department has asked all the handicrafts dealers in the state to register their shops with the Directorate of Handicrafts without any delay, and adhere to the rules of Tourist Trade Act 1978 (82) in letter and spirit.
“The dealers shall refrain from indulging in any kind of malpractice, which includes cheating, dishonesty, touting, impersonation, charging exorbitant prices, failure to display price on the labels, or failure to give cash memos,” it said.
“The inspection teams are closely monitoring all business activities and action, as warranted under J&K Tourist Trade Act 1978, shall be initiated against defaulters,” it added.