Pahalgam faces garbage-dumping problem

Srinagar: One of the famous health resorts of Valley, Pahalgam is facing garbage dumping problem Heaps of garbage can be seen littered on roads all over the town mostly on Chandanwari road side where most of the hotels are operating.
Sources say Municipal Committee Pahalgam (MCP) lifts the waste from only selected hotels. Many hotel owners accuse MCP that despite taking sanitation fee they are forced to transport trash on their own.
As a result hoteliers have created dumping site on a roadside in Pahalgam just besides a tributary which falls into the Lidder river at Sarbal Circuit road. The place is stinky and has become breeding and feeding place for dogs and monkeys alike. In case of a rainfall, which occurs almost daily in this hill resort the trash then swifts towards the Lidder river. The Lidder is the main source of drinking water to most of the Anantnag district. “I am stunned to see what poison we are made to drink, it can lead to many ailments,” a local from Anantnag town said.
A local environmental activist, Reyaz Ahmed said, “The garbage dumping in eco sensitive Pahalgam valley is not only a threat to the environment but also contaminates the Lidder river which is a source of drinking water for most of the Anantnag Town.”
Reyaz, who also heads a NGO ‘Pahalgam People’s Welfare’ which is spearheading the movement to scrap the old Pahalgam Master Plan and movement against illegal constructions in and around Pahalgam town, said, “MCP are supposed to treat this garbage scientifically otherwise its bound to cause eco-disaster in this beautiful place.”
Executive officer MCP, Bashir Ahmed Dar assured Kashmir Reader that the dumping site will be shifted outside the town soon. “We are having deliberations with consultancies from Delhi for the treatment of all the garbage in future,” said Bashir.