Mandate may divide PDP in Rajpora, too

ANANTNAG: Days after the PDP fielded former J&K Bank chairman Haseeb Drabu from Rajpora assembly constituency, senior PDP leader and sitting MLA from the constituency Syed Bashir Tuesday said the decision came as a surprise to him.
“When something happens against one’s expectations it comes as a surprise. So the decision of the party to give mandate (to Drabu) surprised me,” Bashir told Kashmir Reader.
He however, hastened to add that he accepted the decision of the party “heartily.”
“Whatever the decision the party has taken I accept it. I am not above the party. I have always abided by directions of the party high command and I accept its decision this time too,” he said.
Bashir said the party should have taken him into confidence before taking the decision. “What surprised me more was that the party did not take me into confidence before arriving at the decision,” he said.
On being asked about the protest by his supporters on Monday, Bashir said, “The decision came as a surprise for them too. They have the right to protest if they feel something has gone against their wishes. I cannot stop them. Had the party taken me into confidence I would have conveyed it to them and convinced them. Now it is the party leadership which has to convince my workers,” he said.
Bashir said that he can’t force his workers to vote for some other candidate in elections. “I can appeal them only, but cannot force them. May be they do not give heed to my request to vote for other candidate,” he said.