Baramulla: Edu Deptt clerks shun work over bribe allegations

Baramulla: The clerical staff at the Chief Education Office (CEO), Baramulla, Monday abstained from work to protest allegation that they had taken hefty bribes for reinstating employees after suspension.
All the employees at the office of CEO, Baramulla locked down their offices to protest against the accusations made by the Teachers’ Forum last week.
Due to the spontaneous strike, no official work was carried out by the staff, even as many employees of the Education Department had to return disappointed.
“The Deputy Chief Education Officer (DCEO) suspended some teachers after finding them absent from duties. The Teachers’ Forum, however, staged protests against the officer and accused him of taking hefty bribes for reinstating the suspended teachers. Even our name was dragged into this controversy,” a senior clerk, who insisted not to be named, told Kashmir Reader.
The clerical staff, he said, would resign en-masse even if a single instance is proven that they took bribe from any suspended teacher for reinstating.
Chief Education Officer (CEO), Baramulla Syed Abdul Rouf told Kashmir Reader that he has spoken to both the groups and asked them to continue with their normal work.