Malik calls Drabu another ‘political renegade,’ says he once swore by Jinnah’s wisdom

Srinagar: JKLF chairman Mohammad Yasin Malik on Wednesday accused former J&K Bank chairman Haseeb Drabu of using the resistance movement for “selfish gains.”
In a statement, Malik described Drabu, who joined pro-India People’s Democratic Party Tuesday, as a political renegade.
“The history of Jammu and Kashmir bears witness to the fact that many people used the resistance movement as a launching pad and after assuming importance landed in the lap of India for their petty interests. Time has come for the Kashmiri nation to identity these political renegades who are hell bent upon damaging the resistance movement of Kashmiris,” said Malik.
He said that people like Mohammad Maqbool Butt, Ishfaq Majeed Wani, Abdul Ahad Guru, Abdul Ahad Wani, Farooq Ashai Nadeem Khateeb, Dr Turabi and Shamsul Haq sacrificed their lives for a just cause . “They could have led luxurious lives but for the freedom of this nation they chose the path of thorns,” Malik said, adding that by joining the PDP, Drabu had “chosen the path of betrayal.”
Malik said in 1996, he met an old man at airport “who introduced his son Sideeq Wahid to him and said that he has dedicated him for freedom movement. After few days, Sideeq Wahid who during those days was running a travel agency in Delhi, came with another person Dr Haseeb Drabu.”
“They came to Hurriyat office in Delhi in an auto rickshaw to meet me. Drabu talked to me for hours and said that whenever he is in Bombay he visits the ancestral house of Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah and bows his head in respect for his wisdom about Hindu mindset. Drabu insisted that separation from this mentality and mindset and resistance against this was necessary. Drabu joined JKLF and both he and Wahid worked with us for months,” Malik said.
“However, a few years later Wahid sold his conscience for a post at Jammu University and was later rewarded with the vice chancellorship of Islamic University. Similarly, Drabu was awarded the chairmanship of JK Bank and hence both these renounced the resistance movement for their petty selfish gains,” Malik said.
“Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah, Bakhshi Ghulam Mohammad, Ghulam Mohammad Sadiq, Mir Qasim, Mufti Mohammad Saeed, Farooq Abdullah, Gul Shah are among the several glaring examples of people selling their conscience for petty gains and turning into political renegades,” he said.
“Similarly, after the people’s revolution in 1988, many selfish people changed their colors and joined the rows of freedom movement but finally fell in the lap of India using the resistance movement as a launching pad. Abdul Majeed Mir, Gani Naseem , Ishtiyaq Qadri, Junaid Mattoo, Abdul Majeed Mattoo, Mohammad Yaqoob Vakil, Altaf Ahmad Bukhari, Raof Bhat, Syed Mohammad Husain, Pir Mansoor, advocate Abdul Haq, Nizam- ud-Din Bhat, Saif-ud-Din Shutroo, Muntazir Mohiuddin, Khurshid Alam, Mohiuddin Sofi, Yasir Reshi, Mushtaq Ahmad and Imran Rahi are just a few examples who used the resistance movement for their selfish goals in pro-India politics,” Malik said.
He said the time had come when the “Kashmiri nation should identity and learn about the reality of these double-faced people, who by becoming political renegades (Kuka Parrays) have and are damaging the resistance movement of Kashmiris.”