USG machine at Pahalgam hospital defunct for one year, PHC Srigufwara has no oil to run generator

ANANTNAG: The ultra-sonography (USG) machine at primary health centre Pahalgam is defunct for last one year, putting question mark on the claims of improvement in health care by the authorities.
“The USG machine in the hospital developed some fault during Amarnath Yatra last year. But the authorities have not bothered to set the machine right. The patients have to move to the PHC Seer Hamdan or district hospital Anantnag for getting the test done,” a local resident Mushtaq Ahmad told Kashmir Reader.
The Pahalgam hospital caters to the population of more than 20 villages.
Another local, Bashir Ahmad said, “At a time when thousands of tourists throng Pahalgam every day, the hospital remains devoid of this facility.” He said that officials concerned have been telling them that repair of the machine needs at least one lakh rupees and they have sent requisition to the Director Health Services for the same.
Meanwhile, residents of Srigufwara have complained of lack of basic health care facilities in the area. “Though PHC is there in the township, it remains devoid of the facilities. The X-ray machine is available in the hospital but X-ray is done only when the power supply is on,” they said.
They said the hospital management even does not have fuel to operate the generator for doing X-ray. “Even if it is an emergency you have to wait for the power to get the X-ray done. Doctors posted there simply tell you that they have no fuel to operate generator,” said a resident, Abdul Rashid.
A doctor posted in the hospital said that the higher ups never heeded to their requests for fuel.
Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Anantnag, Dr Nazir Ahmad admitted that the USG machine at Pahalgam hospital is out of order. “The probe of the machine needs to be replaced. We have applied for the same and will hopefully reach very soon,” he said.
On the complaints of the people of Srigufwara, CMO said, “The department does not supply oil to the hospitals for running generators. The hospital management is supposed to meet it out from hospital development fund,” he said. He however added that he will take up the issue with the concerned BMO.