The Great (Sh)ame

In Kashmir, people involved in sex scandals are important for the government, and at times, even for the `dissident’ leadership.  Everybody, barring a few honourable exceptions like Sheru, seems to have a soft corner for people involved in sex scams.

A few years ago, when the Hurriyat leadership talked to the then Prime Minister of India, it raised the issue of political prisoners and their release. Responding to the Hurriyat appeal, the Government of India directed the state government to release two detainees. One among them was a genuine political activist, but the other was behind bars for his involvement in the Handwara sex scandal.  The Hurriyat Conference alone knows how and why the demand for his release was taken up at the highest levels. Till date, nobody has sought an explanation from the leadership. The leaders too have thought it fit to let sleeping dogs lie.

Two youth (names withheld) were arrested by the police from a north Kashmir town on November 4, 2009, for making porn films. They were booked under the relevant provisions of the law, and then detained under the Public Safety Act (PSA). Subsequently they were shifted to the Hira Nagar Jail.

Meanwhile, the Home Minister of India promised to review cases of `political activists’ detained under the PSA. Twelve cases were taken up. Surprisingly, the individuals arrested for making porn films were included in the list of `political activists.’ They were among the twelve persons released by the government in the name of `relief’ to Kashmiris. This miscarriage happened in November 2010.

The package, according to a senior lawyer, was conditional. The parents of the released individuals were directed to execute a bond every three months in the office of the jail superintendent concerned. This procedure was totally extra-constitutional. But then the state home department can do anything. It treats political workers and pimps alike.

The Chief Minister and the then DGP were supposed to review the cases of the students arrested during the 2010 uprising. But how could the government think of releasing the students when important people said to have been making porn CDs were behind bars?

Sheru dares to take a dig at the public as well. Two ministers, named in the infamous Srinagar sex scandal, contested elections from South Kashmir, and won.  Who voted for them, and why? Normally, Sheru does not care for what happens around him. But when people involved in sex scams get votes, Sheru’s blood get boiling.  And shockingly, people justify their election.

“They help people,” one supporter said.  

Sheru gets sick at explanations that regard forcing young girls into the flesh trade under the garb of employment as “helping people.”

It is a matter of great shame.