Kashmiris brace up for 16-hour Ramadhan fast

SRINAGAR: Kashmiris will be fasting for more than 16 hours this Ramadhan –one of the longest since mid-80s. According to the calendar issued here by different mekaats, the  Sehri(pre-dawn meals) will end at 3:39 while Iftari, the breaking of the fast, will be at 7:50 pm. And in the next 29 or 30 days only 29 minutes will be less for the last day of the Ramadhan.
Similarly, according to local meteorological office, people may face some relief from July 1 that too in the evenings when the Valley is expected to receive showers.
“Upto July 1 the day temperatures will remain the same  but may come down as there are very high chances of rain showers,” Director MeT department, Sonam Lotus told Kashmir Reader.
Currently the day temperature is hovering at 32 degrees Celsius while night temperatures are at 17 degrees Celsius. Lotus said the temperatures may decrease few notches and may rest between 27 and 25 degree Celsius.
Ghulam Hassan from Sonawar area said that it was in mid-80s that he experienced Ramadhan in summer.
“I remember I was in my mid 20’s when I had faced this kind of Ramadhan. Today I am sixty and I am ready to face it again as I did last year,” Hassan said.
Hassan says Ramadhan is a month of blessings where a person learns to control worldly desires.
While talking to Kashmir Reader some youngsters, who are going to observe fast for the first time in their life, said that they are eager to beat the scorching heat and long days.
Malik Osama, a sixth class student said he is enthusiastic to fast first time but he had apprehensions whether he could make it or not.
“I have already told my parents to wake me up in Sehri time as I want to keep my first ever fast. And we have also put wager among our friend circles who would be the first to observe Ramadhan fasts completely,” said Osama.