Kashmir Shias say want to fight ISIS in Iraq, hold protest

Kashmir Shias say want to fight ISIS in Iraq, hold protest

SRINGAR: Members of Shia community Friday held a protest rally here and demanded that the government of India allow them to “defend” Iraq against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant( ISIL) .
“The Government of India should allow us to fight in Iraq,” Mujahid Husain, who heads the Ikhwan-ul-Muntazireen, told media persons here.
Extending their support to the Iraqi government in their fight against the ISIS, Mujahid said that it was “high time for Muslims to stand against the brutal force of terrorists who are hell bent to destroy historical places of Islam.”
“These terrorists who have threatened to bomb the shrines of Imam Husain and holy sites must be put down and we all seek to stand with our Iraqi brethren in these hard times,” said a protestor.
While raising slogans in favour of unity among Muslims, the protesters who took out a rally from Abi Guzar area of uptown Srinagar accused the ISIL of having committed grave human rights violation against Muslims.
Mujahid also castigated clerics of Valley for “not speaking out against the massacre of Muslims at the hands of ISIS.”
“They should be ashamed of themselves for maintaining criminal silence over the killing of Iraqi Muslims,” he said.
The protesters alleged that ISIS enjoyed the support of United States and Israel and was “serving the interests of enemies of Islam.”
Husain was later detained by police along with several of his supporters .

2 Responses to "Kashmir Shias say want to fight ISIS in Iraq, hold protest"

  1. ali   July 1, 2014 at 8:47 pm

    Jameel, It is a sorrowful statement from your side, some group of people like ISIS is defaming Islam and they are defaming Islam as Islamic-terror, by gurrila war, and media is deviding muslim as shia -sunni.

    Please be mature and identify the fact and take a side of right peoples always, dont sit ideal. And always remember Kasmir dispute is political, it is not a issue of Islamic terror.

  2. jameel   June 28, 2014 at 10:14 am

    It is very unfortunate that this sectarian type minded group in Muslims in Kashmir have never ever voiced against continued killings and atrocities on people in Kashmir while on Kashmir dispute their lip is locked. If these type small groups have any human nature they should first struggle for just cause of Kashmir for which this land of sufis was turned into graveyards under gun barrel of forces. Kashmiri youth are struggling demanding their birth right to decide their political future. First we should look our own self where our generations future is stucking