Sovereignty, strikes and Haqeeqat-e-Kashmir

If you have one account in JK Bank you are not debarred to have another in State Bank of India or n number of banks. No matter how many accounts a person has he is still a valuable customer of every bank and importantly doesn’t lose his identity. Banker Dr Haseeb Drabu thinks that sovereignty is like bank accounts.
 For Mr Banker sovereignty is ‘divisible and shareable’ ( Even an average student of political science would laugh at this joke.
If sovereignty was shareable then there would not have been so many territorial States. No passports were required. No citizenship was necessary. States would not waste billions of dollars for standing army to protect their sovereignty. Sovereignty is indivisible and paramount. Whichever modern State losses it that State becomes extinct.      Globalization can never change the contours of sovereignty. But a shill would go any length to tell that there are models of shared sovereignty in place. Nowhere in the world it is.  Having studied in India, where most people see no difference between myths and history, Dr Drabu is confused with facts and ground reality.
The man amps up that in the past 25 years ‘only two institutions have developed in Kashmir’—JK Bank and the largest circulating mainstream English newspaper.
Strikes and protests
Haqeeqat-e-Kashmir for him was novel protest. ( What these types of protests do is to show the world that India has a democratic space. If Zubin Mehta performs and Kashmiris have grievances, let them protest in the same way. But then why Zubin Mehta performed? Why did Germany take such an initiative? The same German Ambassador, who apologised in Kashmir University over the killings of youth, didn’t stop the function despite murder of three youth on the same day. The concert was organised to lure corporates to invest in India. Zubin Mehta and Haqeeqat-e-Kashmir were on the same pedestal. Haqeeqat-e-Kashmir protest was on the lines of civil rights movement. Haqeeqat-e-Kashmir protest was also held on a day when Syed Ali Geelani had called Kashmir-wide strike. Dr Drabu likes such protest that clashes with Geelani’s calendar. You like such ‘creative protests’ just like to curb ‘snoring in order not to disturb pampered wife one needs CPAP machine’. That is creative. Isn’t it?
Strikes, which Dr Haseeb Drabu dislikes so much, have a reason. Whenever strikes take place in Kashmir that news gets viral all around the world. No matter how small the news is but investors do realise that India is not a stable place where you can invest. These strikes also show to the world that Kashmiris believe in alternate system. While curfew is enforced, strikes are observed. This shows that Kashmiris have faith in the abilities of their leadership. It also shows the strength of pro resistance parties. He, being a banker, understands the power of economy. TATA India did wind up its business in Kashmir because of this instability. How can foreign investors invest in India when 40 percent of Indian land is under Maoists insurgency?  ( Most of the world corporates invest in Indonesia and Malaysia not in India. Although India has a cheap labour force and better English speaking people as compared to both Indonesia and Malaysia. Yet MNCs and corporates are running away from India because of the Maoist uprising in 21 Indian states. Add to it the international headlines that Kashmir makes as a conflict. Yet Dr Drabu would try to lobotomise young people against strikes and protests.
Now Dr Drabu seems concerned about Kashmiris post-Independence? No decolonised State has died post-independence. Your question is a similar question that British colonists used to ask to Indians. For your discomfort there are many models available for Kashmiris.
Praising modern Nero
What can be more atrocious than praising a man, responsible for the sponsored slaughter of Muslims in Gujarat, for inviting SAARC heads and terming it “indication of economic growth and prosperity for South Asia.” ( Really? Narendra Modi is a devout RSS cadre. Unlike you, who praises the incumbent Chief Minister to save his chair, Modi doesn’t. ( ( Inviting SAARC heads Modi fulfilled Hindu folklore.  Their presence at the time of coronation signalled Modi’s powerness to Hindu audience. The pomp that was displayed was akin to the ancient Hindu rulers who liked to get coronate in front of the large nobles and sovereign powers.  That was their way of showing how powerful sovereign they are. While the pro-PDP political commentator and intellectual may rake up how positive it was for Modi to invite SAARC heads, what he keeps wrapped is how everything was Hinduised. His praising of Modi, whom even Indian Supreme Court called ‘Modern day Nero’ shows how much genuine welfare he has in mind for Kashmiris. (
His other assertion that Kashmiri people listen to Radio Pakistan for weather updates ( seems a joke cracked on him. Let the world celebrate Eid and Ramdan but for Kashmiris only when Pakistan says it has spotted the crescent do they believe and follow.
Your writings have exposed how little knowledge you have about politics, history and society—of whom you claim is playing victim, victim card.

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  1. Tahir Majeed Lone   June 27, 2014 at 10:12 pm

    I think Dr.Drabu has lost his mental sovereignty.