Don’t discourage ‘Ramadan Nimazees’

Most of the Muslims offer Salaat during the holy month of Ramadan. For eleven months the mosques remain deserted. In the holy month of Ramadan people suddenly start going to the mosques. It conveys a message. The Muslims are not totally dead. They still believe in Allah, His Prophet (SAW), the Book and the day of judgement.
They come out during the holy month to seek pardon for their sins.  Some of them pledge to lead a life strictly in accordance with the divine commandments and the sayings of the most revered Prophet (SAW). But in most of the cases the spirit dies down with the end of the holy month. Very few people remain firm.  There are a variety of reasons for this unfortunate trend.
 The people who go to the mosques during the holy month are called `Ramadan Nimazees’. This is a tag, which no Muslim wants to carry with him. The regular Nimazees (may Allah be pleased with them), by and large, perceive them as intruders. It has been observed that the regular Nimazees feel uneasy in the company of the so-called `Ramadan Nimazees’. Instead of welcoming such people, they raise their brows. Their body language, their gestures are so discouraging that some of the new entrants (to the mosque) prefer to stay away. This is too dangerous a trend to be allowed. The regular Nimazees, for their information, are not doing any favour to Islam or the Muslims by going to the mosque five times a day. In fact they are doing a disfavour to this great religion by keeping people off the mosque through their conduct. A Muslim, especially the one who goes to the mosque regularly must have pleasing manners. He should not be irritated over trifles. He should not use abusive language. His personality must impress others so that they try to follow him. He should also try to influence as many people as possible and take them along (in the mosque). But unfortunately very few people do it. Most of them mock at the so-called `Ramzaan Nimazees’ and thus discourage them.
Allah the most exalted does not see the stain on the forehead (caused by salaat). He does not see the looks either. He does not count how many times a Muslim goes to the mosque. He sees the heart. He looks at the spirit. And, many a time the new entrants to the mosque are more spirited than the regular Nimazees. And, maybe they achieve in one prostration what the regular Nimazees could not achieve for years.
 And, then nobody whatsoever his position can discourage a Muslim from going to the mosque. Discouraging is exactly the reverse of what Muslims are supposed to do. The Muslims have to perform the role of the Ambia (Prophets) since no other Prophet shall come till the day of judgement. Therefore, the Muslims have to behave accordingly. If they cannot influence a Muslim, how can they approach a non-Muslim? If they discourage a Muslim, how can they convince a non-Muslim?
Instead of discouraging `Ramadan Nimazees’ let the regular Nimazees welcome them, encourage them, teach them, love them and help them keep alive the spirit for the rest of the year as well. If this is done, the mosques shall not cry for Nimazees anymore.