Well Done Vigilance

 Dear Editor,

This is in reference to the Kashmir Reader news report SVO books 4 officials for embezzlement…

A commendable job by the VOK (Vigilance Organisation) by acting with transparency to expose corrupt elements in the government who loot the state exchequer to amass personal wealth.

The canker of corruption can be rooted out of public life and society if the Vigilance Organisation acts impartially and displays similar rectitude in all cases, irrespective of the status, rank, or standing of the accused.

Mohammad Farooq Wani

One Response to "Well Done Vigilance"

  1. Mohammad Farooq Wani   June 26, 2014 at 8:58 am

    Dear editor,
    This has reference to my comment on a news item under caption “SVO books 4 officials for embezzlement of funds” that appeared in Kashmir Reader on june 25th 2014. I stand by my comment what i have stated in my comment.
    As for as the comment that appeared in todays kashmir reader under caption “Well done vigilance” may not be attributed to me as i stand by my earlier comment that appeared in Kashmir Reader on 25th june 2014. I have sent only one comment apropos to the frauds made by the ex.BMO and his associates in which i have made appeal to the VOK to look in the reported misappropriations made by Zahoor Ahmad Banday OSD in DSE kmr who is basically a lecturer. The 2nd comment seems to have been edited mentioning name of the sender as Mohammad Farooq Wani of srinagar. Fact is that i have sent only one mail in response to a news item.This is for the information of the esteemed editor to look in to the affairs of your esteemed institution.
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