KCSDS opposes ‘nefarious move of special townships for Hindus’

SRINAGAR: Kashmir Centre for Social and Development Studies (KCSDS) Tuesday condemned New Delhi’s move of “creating three self-sufficient townships” for the Hindu migrants returning to Kashmir Valley.
“KCSDS views with grave concern the latest move by New Delhi to create three self–sufficient townships in Kashmir province ostensibly to provide housing facilities to migrant Kashmiri Hindus. A cursory look at the proposal makes it clear that with few add-ons, each township will gradually assume the shape of a state-within-state,” the civil society groups said in a press statement issued here.
Every section of the Kashmiri society, it said, welcomes the return of Hindus to their homeland. “We want them to integrate fully into their Muslim neighbourhoods as they used to live here before leaving the Valley,” it said, adding that Muslim in the Valley have suffered more than the Hindus.
“Their (Hindus’) miseries are not even a pale shadow of what their Muslim brethren suffered and continue to brave till date. From the very beginning of their migration, Hindus have been manipulated by ‘well-heeled charlatans’ who sowed seeds of hatred and animosity at the behest of Sang parivar (amalgam of communal parties), which is now pulling the strings of power in Delhi,” it said.
Announcing that it will soon organise a round-table conference to examine various contours of the proposed “nefarious move” and its social implications, KCSDS appealed the “sane elements” in both Muslim and Hindu community and secular forces in India “to resist the sinister design of balkanising the Kashmiri society along communal lines.”
“Kashmiri society’s syncretic ethos, inclusivity, and harmonious co-existence is celebrated the world over, but has been deliberately strained during 1990s by forces over which the society had no control. The present move is a challenge to all sane elements,” it said.