I&FC office torched, official’s house attacked after girl drowns in dam

ANANTNAG: An irate mob torched the office of Irrigation and Flood Department(I&FC) after a minor girl drowned in an irrigation dam in Dooru area here.
Nazia, Meenu and Misba of Chinigund village slipped into the dam, constructed by I&FC a few years ago , while playing Tuesday afternoon.
While Nazia and Meenu were rescued by locals and rushed to a hospital in critical condition, Misba was feared dead.
Soon after the incident, hundreds of people took to streets and staged protests against the I&FC . The protesters also set ablaze the l&FC office and attacked the house of a local IFC official.
The protesters alleged that the girl had died due to the negligence of the I&FC officials.
“They failed to install the gate of the dam after it was stolen few weeks ago,” Abdul Rashid, a local resident, told Kashmir Reader.