Satellite towns for Pandits aimed to divide civil society: Inqilabi

Srinagar: “Indian rulers have nefarious designs to polarize the Kashmir civil society on communal lines by carving out the so-called separate satellite towns for Kashmiri Pandits,” Azam Inqilabi, patron JK Mahaz-e-Azadi, said Sunday.
“How can Kashmiris guarantee the safety of Kashmiri Pandits in these ghettoized places when the majority community continues to be brutalized, vandalized and persecuted by the barbarian forces of India,” Inqilabi said in a statement.
“The life, property and honour of Kashmiris is at stake due to the presence of seven hundred thousand Indian armed personnel,” he said.
Inqilabi also rejected “the arrogance based stand and stance of India vis-à-vis the OIC resolution on Kashmir.”
“We feel indebted to OIC for its sustained support to Kashmir cause of right to self-determination. Kashmir is a nuclear flashpoint and a fuse in the tinder-box of South Asia. Indian intransigence, obduracy and stubbornness has added to the vulnerability of South Asia.”
“It were the Indian rulers who promised a plebiscite and referendum in Kashmir to determine the political future of Kashmir. Alas! , Indian Chanakiyan and Machiavellian policy of deceit and dissemblance enticed the arrogant rulers of India to renege on their commitment and pledge,” he said.