Cherry-processing unit owner booked for violating food safety norms, labour laws

Srinagar: Authorities on Saturday booked owner of ‘canned cherry’ unit holder at Sanatnagar here for flouting food safety laws.
Official sources said that Municipal Magistrate Srinagar along with a team of Food Safety officers led by Health Officer of Srinagar Municipal Corporation during a regular market inspection raided a Cherry processing and Canning unit in Industrial Estate Sanatnagar.
“When we went inside, we found that the unit was not complying with the basic norms of sanitation and hygiene. Erythosine colour was added in a shoddy aluminum utensils and large qualities were used, which makes these cherries harmful and deterrent to health,” Dr Shafqat Khan, the heath officer of SMC told Kashmir Reader.
“I have booked him under Food Safety and Standard Act under which I will recommend severe penalty against the offender. We have also taken samples and have sent them for analysis.”
He said that a charge-sheet will be filed against the offender before court of Municipal Magistrate Srinagar on Monday or Tuesday.
Besides, he said, the unit hold was found employing minors in violation of labour laws at the unit.
“Small children aged between five to 10 years were found working in the unit. There we counted 20 minors on the spot and we believe that more (minors) were also employed to carry the works.”
He said higher ups of police were immediately contacted and they were prompt enough to dispatch a unit of police who took cognizance of the child abuse committed by the owner of the unit.
“I immediately contacted SSP Srinagar and he sent team from Saddar police station and police took cognizance under labour laws against the unit holder,” he said.