SKIMS: Uttarakhand man accuses docs of forcing him out

SRINAGAR: A man from Uttarakhand is alleging that doctors at Sher-i-Kashmir Institute of Medical Sciences are forcing him to leave the premier tertiary care hospital without surgery.
Muhammad Umar, a tailor by profession and residing in Kashmir for the past two decades alleges that doctors at SKIMS are asking him to move out after he was admitted there on February 1 for severe heart ailment. According to Umar, he was discharged on February 12 from SKIMS. But after that his condition deteriorated and he was again admitted to SKIMS on March 15 by a local NGO ‘Help Poor’.
“It has been nearly four months since I have been admitted in Ward 1 of the Cardiology department. I have undergone various tests and doctors here suggested heart surgery,” says Umar. He said doctors fixed April 28 for his surgery, “But on the said date they refused to operate me saying doctors were busy with a team of foreign doctors.”
Umar further told Kashmir Reader that doctors promised a fresh date for his surgery but nothing happened.
Umar, who has been ostracised by family following his conversion to Islam, is living a solitary life. “Nobody is attending to me in the hospital. Only ‘Help Poor’ are bearing my medical expenses and come to see me daily,” Umar said.
The converted Muslim says that due to sickness he is unable to earn any livelihood. He alleges that doctors in SKIMS are trying to evict him. “For the past three days doctors are telling me to leave the ward. They are telling me that my HB is too low for the surgery,” he said.
Umar refuses to move out unless he is operated upon or referred to AIIMS for surgery.
“If I leave the hospital I will die on the road. NGO people are ready to bear my surgery expenses at AIIMS so I will leave only if they refer me there,” Umar told Kashmir Reader.
Admitting that the patient has been undergoing treatment at the hospital for the past three months, Director, SKIMS, Dr Showkat Ali Zargar said that the condition of the patient has worsened and he cannot be operated upon. “His heart has almost stopped functioning. His surgery involves high risk at this stage. There are least chances of his survival if he is operated upon. So doctors had decided to discharge him,” said the Director.
Dr Zargar denied that the patient was given any date for surgery. “Doctors were only deciding to which procedure be adopted to set him right. Now I have asked them to raise his HB level by blood transfusion. If blood transfusion works we will accordingly decide what to do,” he said.
Director, SKIMS however, assured that if the patient wants to be referred to any other hospital they have no objection.