Women in Srinagar vulnerable to eve-teasing, molestation: Study

SRINAGAR: An empirical study of district Srinagar reveals that women are vulnerable to eve-teasing and molestation primarily due to “lack of credence from the male dominant society”.
The study is a joint work of an Assistant Professor, Aadil Bashir, and Research Associate, Shabana Khurshid, from Department of Social Work, University of Kashmir. Titled, “Eve-teasing and Molestation-A case study of district Srinagar”, the study aims to understand the present situation of violence against women in Srinagar and the factors responsible.
It states, “Many cases of eve-teasing and molestation have been reported in Srinagar over the recent years. Eve-teasing is mostly witnessed at public places, public transport, streets, coaching centre. Pertinently, coaching centers in Kashmir often feature in newspapers for wrong reason such as the growing menace of eve-teasing. If we ponder over it we will find that there isn’t a single cause.”
The sample of the present study has been divided into three groups. Group 1 consisted of youth between age group 18-25 years; group 2 consisted of police officials in the age group 30-50 years whereas as group 3 consisted of lawyers in the age group 30-50 years.
The data analysis of the three groups suggests that a considerable number of women in Srinagar suffer from everyday torture in various ways.
The findings reveal that majority, that is, 60 percent of the respondents witnessed eve-teasing in the form of verbal abuse; 10 percent in the form of physical abuse. Forty percent of the respondents are of the view that eve-teasing is the mental abuse and that it disturbs the whole psyche of the women.
As per the study, the abuse that women suffer from directly impacts their heath and day-to-day activities. “90 percent of the respondents are of the view that eve-teasing affects the overall well being of the person while only 10 percent denied the effects. Few of the respondents claimed eve-teasing retards the person physically while percent were of the view that eve-teasing retards mental growth of a person,” states the study.
The study impresses upon implementation of separate laws to tackle eve-teasing in Jammu and Kashmir.
The findings states that “60 percent of the respondents are of the opinion that there should be imprisonment for eve-teasing; 20 percent said that there should be fine for eve-teasing; 10 percent of the respondents were of the view that eve-teasers should be insulted in front of everyone and should be grabbed in the streets.”