Galvanising the public mood

The National Conference led coalition government, nowadays,takes decisions it never could during past five years. The rule of otherwise, sloth and slumber seems suddenly driven by an electoral adrenalin.

The stipend nature of jobs has been done with, Rehbar – e – Taleemteachers’ five year initial service has been included in their service; the retirement age has been increased from 58 to 60 years and the maximum age limit for government jobs from 37 to 40 years.

Some other measures are in offing. However, the general public does not seem galvanized in the favour of NC and its coalition partner congress toois in gloom seeing the electoral doom both in Jammu and the Kashmir region.

 Probably, one major step by the NC led coalition would be thinking of reduction in electricity tariff since electricity in everybody’s concern and thus they want to give an “electric touch” to people to make them realize the goodness of the government.

But, the public mood may still remain unchanged. It seems that every major step taken by the government isn’t changing anyone or anything. Apparently, everystep and every decisions increases the level of criticism.

 People ask a simple question, if they can do it now, why they didn’t do it in past five years. If these steps could be imitated within just a month now then the logic and reason signifies that past five years have gone waste.

Excluding its historical baggage, NC faces too many problems. Unfortunate part is that this party couldn’t even market some of the good measures like RTI – act etc it took during its tenure.

In an ideal situation, the steps this party took in the past four weeks will be enough for a political party to bank upon for an electoral victory. So where did they go wrong.

Analyzing the different factors, it comes to fore that Omar led government has been plagued by rampant corruption in all sections of its governance. From a small village -level office to the ministerial mansions, the portal of corruption seemed to have been running the engine of the government.

MrOmar Abdullah personally may be“Mr clean”,unless proven otherwise someday, but his ministers and bureaucracy seems to be neck-deep in corrupt practices. People know it and with much factual reasonable stuff. Every other minister was interfering in the functioning of offices, writing letters of favours and recommendation to offices and heads of the departments. Quite brazenly, the ministers doled out offices and positions to their relatives and the cronies.  Thus, if there could be any single most reason which has led and is leading to the downfall of this oldest regional party is rampant corruption in its ranks. Constituting a vigilance commission is no solution. Can NC led coalition do away with the rampant corruption in governance, time seems is too short to do that and moreover, this party’s structure could itself crumble if it initiates an anticorruption drive, because it is so deep rooted , institutionalized and has become part of structure of the ruling class.

On the other hand, its coalition partner (congress) is playing a sort of double game. By openly declaring that Congress became an unintentional Victim of people’s wrath as people were unhappy with NC reveals the plans of Congress. The facts are not so black and white. The congress party has been the most prominent partner in the corrupt practices as five of its ministers were tarred with different kinds of charges.

It seems that Congress intentionally bricks the initiatives of the NC- led Government because it does not want NC to take the credit.

Interestingly, Congress has begun to woo theprospective ruling party Peoples Democratic Party. In a hope that if it could garner a reasonable number of seats during assembly elections scheduled by the end of this year, it could sit in coalition with PDP. Hence to please the PDP congress is creating hurdles in tracks of NC who mull to take some other initiatives.  Now Congress has openly thrown open her arms to embrace PDP and dump NC.

Taking a cue from the present crisis, the NC should give a deep thought about what went wrong. The decline and fall of NC is also the fall of an idea. The party is going down the memory lane and no slogans including “ Jis Kashmir KoKhoon se sencha wo Kashmir Hamarahai” is going to salvage it, at least in present times.

However, the corrupt and anti-people policies should not mean that its alternative would be quite opposite. The basic policy and structure of the state remains the same.The prospective PDP rule could only do better on surface. It may end throwing up another upper middle class hungery for power and privileges. The real mood good for Kashmir should change in New Delhi. Is NarendraModi led government really prepared take some pro–Kashmir decisions or will it continue with anti –majoritarian agenda is a question that needs to be seen in the future.