‘Youth of Kashmir need to participate in social issues’

Srinagar: A day-long seminar aimed at the issues of youth participation in social affairs and development of the society was held at the SKICC here on Saturday.
The event was organized by Indo-Global Social Service Society (IGSSS) Kashmir in partnership with a Delhi based NGO Community-The Youth Collective (CYC).
Some 200 young people attended the event from different parts of Kashmir.
While speaking on the occasion Yasir Qureshi, senior manager IGSSS Kashmir emphasized the importance of initiatives such as these in order to create alternative spaces for expression and dialogue among the youth in Kashmir.
He said, “Young people of Kashmir need to come together and participate in social issues, co-create and lead spaces where they can engage on issues for social change.”
During the event several films were screened and interactive discussions were also held in order to emphasize the importance of youth participation in social affairs and its development.
“Events such as these are the need of the hour. Youth participation, development and creation of spaces where young people can explore themselves and in doing so act to create social change are imperative,” said Aparna Ravi, who works for CYC.
She added that these self to society journeys build leadership capacities, meaningful relationship abilities and system thinking and feeling to impact the world.