J&K to be fully metered ‘by March 2016’

SRINAGAR: Jammu and Kashmir Power Development Department (JKPDD) has planned to achieve full metering of consumers by March 2016, which will enable the department to get better a idea of load and revenue generation.
PDD has submitted its ‘Revised Business Plan Distribution’ for three-year starting FY 2013-14 to FY 2015-16 before J&K State Electricity Regulatory Commission (SERC) devising strategy not only to meter the consumers but regularize unregistered consumers as well.
Accordingly, a plan has been drawn to convert all the unmetered connections to metered by the end of the Control Period of FY 2015-16, according to the project copy submitted by the department.
The project report said that in view of this, the profile of consumption is also expected to change over the Control Period.
JKPDD-Distribution targets to convert 33 percent of the existing unmetered consumers (as at the end of FY 2012-13) to metered connections by FY 2013-14, the Business Plan for JKPDD-Distribution copy said.
“Further, 50 percent of remaining unmetered connections are targeted to be metered in the current fiscal while the balance unmetered connections are targeted to be metered in FY 2015-16,” it said.
The JKPDD also maintained that the installation of metered in all the areas would result in conversion of the unmetered connections to metered connections by the end of the Control Period.
“Such a shift in metering and consumer profile is likely to have impact the load, billing and revenue profile of JKPDD in future,” it said.
Accordingly, it said, while considering the conversion from unmetered category to metered category, the load, and number of billed units is expected to shift correspondingly to the metered category.
The total number of connections in the state are 2,015,088, with 517,16 urban and 1,497,920 rural connections.
It also stated that the overall unregistered connections in J&K are 517,103 (urban 152,837, rural 364,266), for which the target of covering them in FY 2013-14 is 305,599 and in FY 2014-15 the target will be achieved to 167,435 connections.
The plan also said by FY 2015-16, 1,963250 connections would be metered in all categories with 733,904 in domestic category while 176,432 connections in commercial category.
The JKPDD-D is planning to identify those connections which are electrified as per Census 2011 but are not reflecting as registered consumers as per PDD records, the report read.
The department is targeting to initially identify and register these consumers as unmetered consumers in FY 2013-14 and FY 2014-15 and subsequently meter them also by FY 2015-16.
Regarding the slabs on consumption pattern for both urban and rural areas, it said it would be same as existing pattern under targeted slabs.
The plan copy said a buffer of five percent in urban and ten percent in rural connections has been kept for those consumers which either already has been regularized or not traceable.
“…rural connection are initially targeted to be regularized at ¼ kW slab and urban connections are targeted to be regularized at ½ kW slab with consumption pattern assumed as same as existing pattern in these slabs,” the plan copy said.
The PDD has admitted that the power sector has been heavily affected and the Transmission and Distribution (T&D) losses in the state are highest as compared to other states of India.
“Like all other sectors in the state, the disturbances since the ‘90s have affected the power sector heavily and although the state has taken various reform initiatives,” it said, adding yet the pace of these reforms has been slow as compared to other states of the country due to un-conducive environment for the reforms.
“The T&D losses in J&K are of the order of 60 percent which is one of the highest in the country,” it said.
With a view to reform the T&D Sector of the state and make itself sustainable, the state government had engaged M/S TERI (The Energy and Resources Institute, New Delhi) as consultants to prepare a Blue Business Plan for JKPDD-Distribution Print for turnaround plan of the T&D Sector, the plan report said.
The turnaround study focuses on the preparation of a road map for power sector reforms in the state. The road map is a detailed investment plan and targets for efficiency improvement keeping in view the uniqueness of the political, legal, social and geographical environment of the state, it added.