The recent revelations of sexual harassment allegations against some high and mighty of the state make every Kashmiri bury his head in shame and shock. The once ‘not socially, ethically and morally acceptable’ have become the order of the day. Lately we saw some cases which have put a huge question mark on the safety and security of women in this Valley of saints. One allegedly involving the high-profile Director Health Services Kashmir. The medical profession forms one of the most important pillars of a healthy and progressive nation. Imagine the frustration that must have crept into the minds of patients coming to know of this gruesome happening in the premises of the Health Department. Same applies to the other cases if at all they are true. Now after a long ‘undue’ silence , the Director Health has spoken up and refuted the allegations levelled against him. Only a fast, fair and honest probe into the issue would reveal the truth. It remains to be seen whether justice would be served or once again the apathy or callousness of the authorities concerned would embolden the criminals and widen scope for the execution of their filthy designs. It’s high time that the civil society wakes up and puts pressure on the powers that be in order not to see a repetition of shameful incidents like these. While thinking of the tough time the nears and dears of the victims must be going through, it’s also a test of nerves for the families of the perpetrators. They don’t think twice of the plight so many people have to face because of misusing their authority and objectifying a very respectable member of human family.

Anjum Husain

Sofipora, Pahalgam