Protest against water scarcity

Srinagar: Dozens of people on Wednesday held a protest against scarcity of drinking water in a locality here.
The residents of Tengpora blocked the vital Srinagar-Baramulla highway and chanted anti-government slogans, reports said.
The protesters stopped the vehicles causing disruption of traffic for many hours. Most of the commuters went by foot to reach their respective destinations. The protestors alleged that they are facing huge hardships because of the water scarcity in the area. “This is our fourth day without water and we have to travel two kilometers by foot to fetch some amount of water,” the protestors said. They said they were without water for many days but government is not doing anything.
Meanwhile, residents of Naveed Abad, Sebdun, Khumeni Chowk also complained of water scarcity and appealed government to solve the crisis.