Kashmiri lad to play protagonist in Bollywood movie

Srinagar: Sahil Khan from district Anantnag of Kashmir will play the lead role in a Bollywood movie ‘Dildariyan’ which will be entirely filmed in the Valley.
Khan who hails from Yaripora village of Anantnag told Kashmir Reader that he run away from his village to pursue the Bollywood dream. He went to Mumbai but failed to get any roles. Later he got opportunity to work in Tamil films where he did small roles. Khan said he went to audition and got selected for the role. “If you ask any person like me who has come from a conflict zone how is it, he will reply it is dream come true,” said Khan while speaking to the Kashmir Reader on the launch of the movie.
han who ran away from home after failing in class 12th examination said, “This is the happiest moment of my life and a proud moment to be the protagonist and shoot it in home land.”
According to the producer of the movie, Neelima Sharma, she wants to show the worth of Kashmir to the larger audience of the world. “This would be my moral obligation to give a message to outer world especially Indian filmmakers that there is place called Kashmir which is the most beautiful and safest place on earth. Please do come and shoot your films here.”
She said money is not her priority in this film endeavour.
According to film Director Farooq Qurashi they had come to shoot a single song but were arrested by the beauty of Kashmir and decided to film the entire movie in the Valley. “Earlier, we had plans to shoot a single song in the locations of Pahalgam and Ladakh’s Pangyong Lake, but the beauty of Kashmir compelled us to shoot the entire film here,” said the Director of Dildariya.
Qurashi, who is also the Director of Photography in the film, has also done DoP for movie ‘Partner’ starring Salman Khan and Govinda in lead roles.
According to filmmakers the movie will see many cast members from Kashmir. Qurashi further said that with this film they want to send a strong message to the outer world that “All is well in Kashmir”.
“We have been listening many bad versions about Kashmir, but after visiting here we witnessed an entirely different place. Kashmir is a place where every film maker will fall in love,” said he.
Qurashi opined that Indian filmmakers don’t need to go foreign places for their film shooting, “We want to tell to all people particularly filmmakers to come to Kashmir and promote your own heaven instead promoting foreign locations.”
According to the filmmakers the film, being produced under the banner of ‘Amazing Dreams’, will be shot at 20 different locations in Kashmir.
The shooting for the film will commence from June 21.