APDP holds monthly sit-in protest

SRINAGAR: Reiterating their demand for the whereabouts of disappeared sons and dear ones, the Association of Parents of Disappeared Persons led by Parveena Ahangar Tuesday held their monthly sit-in protest at the Pratap Park here.
“The accused involved in enforced disappearance of our wards should be brought to justice,” said Ahangar while speaking to the media on the sidelines of the protest.
She further said that even if their loved ones are dead they should be shown the graves to mourn upon. “Parents have died in their longing for their dear ones. They lived in hope to see them again. If they are dead let them identify the graves. This will ease the agony we have been going through,” said the Chairperson of APDP.
Ahanger accused consecutive governments of neglecting their pleas and turning deaf ears to APDP’s demands. “The governments that came one after other neglected our demands.”
The APDP Chairperson said she has no hopes on the Narendra Modi led government. “We can’t pin hopes on Narendra Modi too. What he did in Gujarat is well known to all,” she said.
“We won’t stop come what may in our struggle for justice,” Ahanger said to host of newspapers and Television channels.
The APDP Chairperson returned to Valley on June 7 after a visit to United Kingdom where she delivered a lecture in the University of Westminster that was attended by academia, scholars, officials and journalists. Speaking about her visit she said: “I asked them their support in order to put pressure on India so that we get to know what happened to our children who were subjected to enforced disappearance. And if there are 10,000 disappeared persons, where are they?”
Ahanger said that on listening her stories the audience cried. “While narrating the ordeals of parents whose sons have been subjected to enforced disappearance the whole audience at Westminster University cried,” narrated Ahangar.
Ahangar was accompanied by scores of parents and activists holding placards reading, ‘implement court orders, prosecute the guilty.’