You’ve Got It Wrong, Molvi Sahib

This is a rebuttal to a statement Molvi Umar Farooq Sahib has made to claim that ‘Kashmir is not a religious issue.’

 Sir, I respectfully beg to differ. At least for Kashmiri Muslims, the Kashmir issue is a religious issue.

 No one disputes that fact that Kashmir is a political issue. But as I understand it, Islam is an all-encompassing way of life. There are no compartments in Islam, segregated from one another. Life is a whole, consisting of all that a person does, all day, every day. Is it possible, then, to divide for a Muslim, his public and private lives? Do you mean, yes, we are Muslim, but what we are doing has nothing to do with Islam? Which, by extension, would be that while we remain Muslims in the ritualistic manner, our public lives are governed by politics that are determined by worldly powers? I feel not.

 Kashmir, as a dispute, has arisen from the post-1947 scenario, when the erstwhile state of J&K was invaded by Muslims from across the border in Pakistan, to ‘save and liberate’ their brethren from a ‘tyrannical ruler’ whose forces had unleashed a reign of terror and massacres in Jammu. Over a few weeks, a Muslim majority area, had been converted into a Muslim minority area. That is where this ‘dispute’ started. The Kashmiri struggle to be ruled by one of their own has a history of centuries, right from 1586, but that became irrelevant in the face of the 1947 Partition and the passing of sovereignty to one of two successor states, India or Pakistan, since the British had dissolved their treaties with the Princely states in June 1947. Partition was a solution to a problem with numbers. Where Muslims were in a majority, Pakistan came to exist. Kashmir, by virtue of being a Muslim majority area, had to be merged with Pakistan, but was prevented from doing so by a dilly-dallying Maharaja, who ultimately ‘conditionally’ acceded to India, hence depriving Kashmiris of their rightful fate. You know this too well. So is setting right a broken promise, a ‘political issue?’ Is claiming your legitimate right, a ‘political issue?’ How can it be that a ‘fundamental right’ is only a ‘political issue’ while it is religion itself that gives that fundamental right?

 Considering that fate dealt us a bad blow, and Kashmir has ended up on the wrong side of history, does that mean that the root cause of the conflict be left buried? The root cause being that Kashmir is a Muslim-majority state in a fast, right-leaning Hindu-majority state. Europe, despite all its development and bloody history, despite the World Wars that were fought to ‘End all Wars,’ has found itself repeatedly plagued by civil conflict. The bloody disintegration of Yugoslavia, and the ethnic cleansing of Muslims in Bosnia that followed, was a conflict rooted in 600 years of rule by the Ottoman Turks. Did anyone ask the Serbs and Croats to ‘not turn the clock back?’ Ukraine lies in shambles, quickly disintegrating, thanks to centuries of ethno-religious conflict. Crimea has been annexed by Russia, and Donetsk and other regions are to follow. Did anyone mention to President Putin that ‘the world has changed?’ Unlikely. Unresolved, ethno-religious conflicts have a bad habit of rearing their ugly head from time to time. Kashmir is no different. If there is peace, it is because Kashmiris want peace. It is not because Pakistan and India want peace.

 One more thing. If you look around, there are countless graves holding the remains of thousands of our brethren who have been killed by various sides of this conflict. Whether the poor, honest policeman, shot dead by a militant, or the dishonest, lying, conniving, pro-Indian political party worker, shot dead by the same militants, or the overground pro-militant worker, shot dead by the Army for financial rewards and India’s security, Kashmiris have died. Some have been buried in their ancestral graveyards, next to their ancestors. Some have been given a state funeral, their coffins being carried by high-ranking officers of the Police, coffins draped in a tricoloured flag. Some have been buried in graveyards, fondly called, Martyrs’ Graveyards, that dot Kashmir’s landscape. (Have you seen one recently?) They never got the show and glory of a state funeral, but those who buried these so-called ‘Martyrs’ risked their lives to bury them, and still do so today. Their coffins were draped with green flags bearing nothing but the Name of Allah. Did they all die for a ‘political issue?’

 If you were to choose the cloth draping your coffin, dear Sir, which one would you prefer?

3 Responses to "You’ve Got It Wrong, Molvi Sahib"

  1. Irshad Ahmed Vohra   June 10, 2014 at 11:10 pm

    Read my article “Terrorism! Forsooth! on this matter and give your opinion.

  2. Irshad Ahmed Vohra   June 10, 2014 at 11:05 pm

    We can choose between to versions,that of Nehru’s innuendo,”Pakistan is a mediaeval state with an impossible theocratic concept that does not give freedom of conscience.”
    Jinnah’s version,”We are a nation with our own distinctive culture and civilization.” and “It is quite clear that Hindus and Muslims derive their inspiration from different sources of history.Very often the hero of one is a foe of the other and,likewise their victories and defeats overlap.”

    Muslim sentiment was horrified by Tilak justifying Shivajii’s killing of Afzal Khan.Nehru glorified Shivaji as an example to be emulated.He has left his devious imprints in the form of solemn pledges to be flouted.Teeming millions wallow in utter wretchedness while Nehrus plan to emulate the Chatrapatti Shivajiis detemined onslaught against the Aurangzebs continues to subdue them.

  3. jameel   June 8, 2014 at 10:13 am

    Mirwaiz was correct Kashmir is political and human issue as people of Kashmir are under foreign rule. when we talk on Islam one must have fully knowledge of Islam . Reading of few books is not knowledge as in past we were mislead and misunderstood and those few booklet preachers on Islamic politico-religious plate form indulged us in unnecessary issues in Kashmir like awarde fatheh while after deeply we research on it was a great work of that great pious man sufi with Tawheed, we were engaged to fight each other on darood etc when we study the teaching of big philosophers like of Ikhwamnul muslemeen what they stress on Sabar and do good justice dont indulge in matters of what others are doing when y do good having high character it will impress others. As PROPHET PBUH taught us that we should not indulge or engage ourself to abuse or threat others as our duty is to do good, think good, teach good result leave on ALLAH HE IS THE MASTER . Islam condemn force word. When we called aspirations of people when you called for self determination it means all Jammu and Kashmir citizens On Kashmir we should not communalise it on few irrelevant thoughts or designs of those who are himself not knowing Islam. Dont compel others and dont thrust own emotional activities . We must stress on to have a high character living with pious life it will impress others. Do justice with others . And to leave result on Allah