Only Kashmiri Muslims can ensure our return: KPs

Tulmulla: Migrant Kashmiri Pandits, who attended the annual Kheer Bawani festival here Friday,  said that only the Muslim community can facilitate their homecoming and safety in the Valley.
“The successive regimes have only hoodwinked us with false promises. Governments have never taken concrete steps to ensure our safe return. BJP, NC, Congress or PDP can never bring us here,” Raj Kachroo, a final year BA student, who had come from Jammu to attend the fair, told the Kashmir Reader.
He added that Indian Prime Minister, Narender Modi’s promises regarding return of Kashmiri Pandits ‘was just a part of the same rant’.
Flanked by boys of his age group, Kachroo said: “Whether we have built bungalows in Jammu or are residing in one room tents, the fact remains that we will never mix with outsiders. We’re Kashmiris and will remain so,” he remarked.
“We can never come to Kashmir unless the members of the Muslim community facilitate our return. Whether Modi comes in power or Sonia Gandhi, no one can ensure our safe and honourable return,” Kachroo’s friend Sunny Raina, who is a quality analyst, added.