Power May Change RSS View of Indian Muslims

Indian media and intellectuals have rightly termed the coming of Modi as India’s second revolution after 1947 when the country achieved her nation-state status and freedom from British colonialism .Modi being an unmistakable RSS man is loud and clear .Thus the RSS’s assumption of power by an majority has surprised many. The RSS, which was launched in 1925 in the backdrop of the failed and ill-advised Khilafat Movement, has achieved a stunning and historic victory .Soon after taking oath, Narendra Modi assured the nation and the world that his government would work for all, and for inclusive development. Given the strong anti-Muslim history, politics and ideology of the RSS and Modi, Muslims are genuinely fear-stricken and apprehensive. But it would be wrong to think that the RSS and the Modi Government would send Muslims to the gas chambers.

They will not, they need not .Because, for the most part, the RSS has achieved what it wanted, and all Muslims have now are only some fragile hopes of winning a few seats or being able to be the swinging factor swinging factor in around a hundred constituencies. They are not present in the bureaucracy, in the police, in the agencies, in the media, in the industry, in everything that matters to run the powerful and vast state of India .Hence they stand already defeated and made invisible in every aspect of life, save some show-boys here and there in different spaces of politicians and culture. There is no doubt that enmity against Muslims is in the DNA of the RSS, and it has been its raison d’etre. From the murder of Gandhiji through the demolition of the Babri Masjid down to the Gujarat Pogrom, the entire history  of free India is littered with anti –Muslim riots throughout its length and breadth. Needless to remind that the Father of the Indian Nation, Gandhiji, was murdered by an RSS man, Nathuram  Godse, a journalist by profession, only because Gandhiji was opposed to the ethnic cleansing of Muslims in Delhi led from behind-the-scenes by Hindu-hardliner Patel.

Now why is this feeble hope there that when in absolute power, the RSS may change its attitude towards Muslims .To understood this, one needs to recall that the Hindu revivalist movement is more than two hundred years old. Its two basic highly potent negative characteristics were a sense of powerlessness and its inferiority complex.

It was ingrained in the minds of the Hindus that they have always been trampled upon and ruled by foreigners who purportedly had a low opinion of its culture and people. The rule by, as a Hindu thinker put it, two monotheisms, one of seven hundred Green Monotheisms and another a Red Monotheism (of Christian Britain) has ended with the rise of the Hindu. Late Girilal Jain, editor of the “Times of India” would say that two pagan cultures of India and the west (British here) collaborated for the end of Muslim rule. There always has been distortion of facts and oversimplifications to bolster the radical image of the Hindu, a topic which has been discussed by learned scholars from time to time.

Now in power, the vast organization of the RSS can rest assured that absolute power in India is in the hands of the absolute Hindu majority and the Muslims have no chance to even come close to sharing a bit of it. They may know, as Narendra  Modi said in some of his statements, that Muslims in India are at the lowest levels of Indian society, far below its most backward classes. In power, the RSS and its cohorts may realize that  Muslims are absolutely powerless, and the RSS can put into practical reality its vision of reconstructing the Hindu samaj . More importantly, it would come to realize that under the façade of secular Congress the Hindus were already in the invincible positions of power and the façade of secularism had never diminished any of their power. Muhammad Ali Jinnah Jinnah’s political fulcrum was the same that in overwhelming Hindu Majority that Muslims homeland demand of Pakistan In Secular democratic India Power is and shall always remain with eighty percent Hindu Majority. This time with secular veil torn to shreds the real Hindu is in charge and he shall have to accept full responsibility of deal with Muslims who are anyway citizens of this country, like narendra Modi ,Amit Shah . For past almost ninety years since its founding in 1925, the RSS has targeted Muslims, their past and culture as a hindrance in the real Hindu –making .Now nothing stands in the way of RSS to do what it wants, the Muslims are nowhere to be counted as they carry no weight age n politics, or media, in media, in fact anywhere.

It needs to be remembered that present rise to power was much planned and organized by non-American with strong and substantial linkages and help from Neo-Conservative ,lobby by Christian and Jewish Right .It was from here development (Vikas) as pincer slogan was created and launched .This Neo-Conservative Christian –Jewish Right may not be much interested in the wholesome destruction of Muslim culture and Society . It may again be reminded that as Chief Minister of Gujarat Narendra Modi visisted many times TevAviv to learn from development and cultural practices of Israel. I nature a hope that this foreign influence may have somewhat positive effect on Muslims because in the name of development global capitalism shall have its way ,in power  thus ,RSS shall discover a different Muslims who is quite different from its image of century of vilification.

One Response to "Power May Change RSS View of Indian Muslims"

  1. Shreyas Kalkur   June 7, 2014 at 12:09 am

    Dear Sir, I am not well versed with the Indian political saga though I do have some interest to read through the Indian political history and happenings.
    In my opinion, it would be inappropriate to alienate oneself from the group on sectarian grounds. For instance, consider a group of engineers. Each engineer in that group might be from differing backgrounds (language, religion, food preference, etc and subject matter expertise). But while functioning, the group acts professionally which each engineer focussing much on his/her work domain rather than differentiating him/herself as a part of some religion, or a different ethnic group. There is no wrong in being a devotee and carrying forward the strong points in one’s faith in his profession. But it seems odd to me when you said Muslims are being side-lined in our country by just taking few examples. In fact you have missed many more positive examples where Muslims have occupied highest positions in Government offices as well as in private sectors. But in profession no one gets and shouldnt get plastered with label of being either a Muslim or Hindu or a Bihari etc. and it is mainly a meritocratic system. Well, I might have gone slightly off track, but what I wanted to express was- it wont be relevant to conclude wholly on few examples in hand and without having proper access to information. Secondly, please dont feel left out of the group. Active participation for any individual is the key for his progress be it in material or spiritual activity.
    I would even like to discuss more on this with you personally 🙂