Iranian envoy stresses for unity among Muslims

SRINAGAR: Iranian envoy to India, Ghulam Raza Ansari, on Wednesday stressed the need for unity and integrity of Muslim Ummah.
Ansari, who is on a three-day visit to Kashmir, while addressing a gathering at Gund Khwaja Qasim area in Baramulla said that those who love and respect Imam Khomeini should understand that he laid stress on unity among Muslims all over the globe.
The Ambassador said the ancestors of Imam Khomeini were from Kashmir and he had deep love for the people of Kashmir. “Imam Khomeini always said that by unity ‘we can achieve success and can refrain from sins’. The founder of the Islamic Republic was the greatest leader of 20th century who had changed the fate of entire nation. Imam Khomeini was a true Muslim and had established the Islamic Republic according to the principles of Islam, urging leaders of the Muslim world to follow the footsteps of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH),” he said.
“We are Muslims first, then we are divided into sects. A Muslim is a Muslim and no sect should come in way of their unity. We must spread the light of love and affection and respect each other. We must follow the footsteps of Holy Prophet,” he said.