Inqilabi pays tributes to ‘heroic nation of Afghanistan’

Srinagar: Azam Inqilabi, patron Jammu Kashmir Mahaz-e-Azadi (MeA), on Sunday paid tributes to the “heroic nation of Afghanistan for its unflinching faith in Allah Almighty and monotheistic resolve and commitment.”
In a statement he said, “Afghanis as conscientious warriors of Islam resisted the onslaught of imperialist powers with indomitable will and valour during the past 34 years. Red army of erstwhile Soviet Union martyred about 15 lakh Afghanis during its stay there from December 1979 to 1989.
“And US and NATO forces destroyed the towns and cities there through carpet bombing which started on October 7, 2001. The western army again slaughtered lakhs of Afghanis during the 13-year long blitzkrieg. Afghanis, through unprecedented sacrifices, fortified the ideological and territorial borders of Muslim Ummah.
Inqilabi said, “Expansionism of imperialist Indian rulers had already bared its fangs in Kashmir, Junagarh and Hyderabad. In 1971 Indian imperialists, while embarking on military adventure at the behest of Russia and USA, converted East Pakistan into Bangladesh which is now acting as a protectorate and dependency of India. The dream of azadi turned out to be a hallucination and mirage there.”
“Indian imperialists used Afghanistan as a launching pad against Muslim Ummah during the past 34 years. Pak army can dilate on this topic with authoritative confidence. Muslim Ummah can become a formidable fortress of resistance only when it emphasizes monotheistic commitment, impregnable unity and comprehensive Dawah,” he said.
“It is time when Pakistan should empower Azad Kashmir as a genuine independent part of Jammu & Kashmir. Defeatism, escapism and policy of appeasement and propitiation of Pak rulers cannot force Indian rulers to see reason in Kashmir case.
“Indian ego-centric rulers will continue to tread the path of intransigence, obduracy and stubbornness unless OIC as a Milli resistance forum intervenes to use carrot and stick strategy to force India concede to Kashmiris’ right to self-determination,” Inqilabi added.
“Kashmiris especially the six lakh martyrs are grumbling against the ineptitude and laxity of Pak rulers. Political and military think-tanks of Pakistan should have a reappraisal of their Kashmir policy and strategy.
“I fully endorse and support the Quit Kashmir campaign of JKLF spearheaded by Yasin Malik, the party chief. I wish him success,” the MeA patron added.