Tourism industry grew in last five years: Farooq Abdullah

Tourism industry grew in last five years:  Farooq Abdullah

SRINAGAR: National Conference President Farooq Abdullah has said that tourism industry in the state had grown considerably in the last five years both in terms of new public and private infrastructure as well as the revenue generation.
Farooq said that the NC-Congress government under the leadership of Omar Abdullah had brought about a “Tourism Revolution” in the state by systematically focusing on promoting the state as a premium destination as well as taking concrete measures to increase the hospitality infrastructure by leaps and bounds.
Welcoming the allied growth in Handicrafts and Cottage Industry Sectors due to a boost in tourist inflow into the state, Farooq said that the credit for a sustained growth in tourism industry also goes to the hoteliers and private sector players who have worked very hard and against all odds to create world-class tourism and hospitality infrastructure in the State and have also generated employment for thousands of unemployed youth.
Farooq said that he had no doubt in his mind that the state government would continue to focus on the industry and added that certain grievances of the industry will be looked in to and addressed at the earliest.
Farooq said that inputs will be taken from private sector entities and entrepreneurs to enhance the state’s policy when it comes to tourism.
Farooq said J&K has produced a budding lot of hard-working and highly capable young entrepreneurs who form the engine of J&K’s economic growth and reconstruction. Farooq added that the efforts of the private sector especially budding entrepreneurs have received a boost through the State Government’s policies and this cooperation will continue to benefit the tourism industry in the future as well.