SKIMS censures 20 nurses for dereliction of duties, ‘spares influential doctors’

SRINAGAR: The authorities at Sher-i-Kashmir Institute of Medical Sciences (SKIMS) have censured 20 nurses and served showcause notices to them for alleged dereliction of duties.
“The nurses were found absent from their counters during inspection by the administrative officer. It’s a serious dereliction of duty. So they were censured and served showcause notices,” SKIMS director Dr Showkat A. Zargar told Kashmir Reader.
“We are trying to provide best health care to the patients. No dereliction of duties will be tolerated,” he said.
However, the aggrieved nurses lamented that SKIMS authorities selectively apply the rules as “most of the doctors, who are given a freehand, brazenly indulge in wrongdoings including private practice.”
“Last week, some administrative officials visited the wards during the dead of night. We were very much on our duties; however some of us who had got too much tired were taking rest in rooms adjacent to wards. However, much to our surprise we were censured next day and served showcause notices,” said a delegation of the nurses.
“We are supposed to attend at least 30 patients every night. As per the national standards, the patient-nurse ratio in emergency wards has to be 4:1, while in normal wards it should be 8:1. But when you have at least 30 patients to attend, can’t you take a few minutes rest,” the nurses said.
They also claimed that during the inspection most of the doctors on night duties were found sleeping in their rooms but no action was taken against them. “Punishing poor nurses and leaving influential doctors untouched shows how the authorities selective apply the rules,” they said.
“If authorities really want to improve the health care, let them tighten the noose around Consultants who leave the SKIMS without making rounds of their respective wards. They are supposed to visit the hospital on call in case of emergencies, but in such situations they dictate the treatment over the phone. At times they even don’t respond to the phone calls of senior doctors,” the nurses said.
Dr Zargar however denied the allegations. He said, “On daily basis I confirm from my supervising staff if Consultants have made rounds of their wards. I ensure that the patients get best health care.”