DAK says Dr Nisar’s suspension ‘politically motivated’, reiterates indefinite strike threat

Srinagar: Threatening to go on indefinite strike in case the suspension of their president Dr Nisar-ul-Hassan is not revoked by Thursday, the Doctors Association Kashmir (DAK) Wednesday said the ‘politically motivated’ decision was a shame on those who hollow the pillars of democracy by ‘criminalizing freedom of thought and stigmatizing the voice against ‘tyranny’.
“The public anger against victimization of DAK president is an eye opener for the government. If suspension order of Dr Nisar is not revoked by tomorrow (Thursday) we will go for an indefinite strike,” a DAK spokesman said in a statement here.
He said that the “politically motivated decision was shame on those who hollow the pillars of democracy by criminalizing freedom of thought and stigmatizing the voice against tyranny.”
“Dr Nisar was punished for raising social issues for which he should have been rewarded but instead he was victimized at the behest of perpetrators of social evils. The suspension of Dr Nisar is a conspiracy to sabotage and kill the righteous voice,” the spokesman said.
“The shades of opinion are to be respected rather than criminalized. It is undemocratic to punish a person for a different ideology,” he added.
The spokesman said that the suspension of Dr Nisar will not only deprive his patients of heath care but will also affect undergraduate and postgraduate medical students.
Meanwhile, heeding to the call of DAK, the doctors and the doctors and paramedics in tertiary care and peripheral hospitals wore black bands to register their protest against Dr Nisar’s suspension.
“The call was given to protest against the unjustified suspension of President DAK Dr Nisar ul Hassan. The protest has sent a loud and clear message to the government that suspension of Dr Nisar is unacceptable as it is against the natural justice,” the DAK spokesman said.