NC-Cong’s Defeat

Dear Editor,

This refers to the article PDP Won on ‘Hate NC” Sentiment which appeared in the Kashmir Reader recently. The author is right in pointing out that the PDP’s victory in the just-concluded parliamentary polls is by no means an “overwhelming” show of support for the party. The poll result was a vote for change, and reflected public resentment against the National Conference. It is possible that the outcome could have been quite different had the NC not taken the Congress as its ally.

 The PDP need not get excited over winning all the three parliamentary seats in Kashmir. The party must bear in mind that the Valley sees four seasons a year, and even a slight change in temperature brings about a change in its temperament. The NC, the PDP and the Congress have a tough time ahead with respect to upcoming assembly elections as none of them has a performance record to recommend them to the voting public.


The leaderships of the NC and the PDP must shun their arrogance, and works towards ensuring the restoration of the snatched rights of the masses. The experience so far has been one of state force and violence against people protesting against human rights violations and atrocities, and even scarcities of essentials like water and electricity.

The Congress has been routed because of its bad policies and harsh decisions like carrying out the death sentence on Muhammad Afzal Guru. It must have been acutely embarrassing for the party to have one of its veteran leaders, Ghulam Nabi Azad, see defeat in his own stronghold. Obviously, Azad has paid for his party’s misdeeds.

Mohammad Farooq Wani

-via email