When Sheru Felt Sorry


People know Sheru does not care. But on two occasions Sheru annoyed two buchies but later felt sorry for hurting them.

A salad which made Sheru sad was written on a buchi in the Medical Institute at Soura. Sheru had never seen her. But she discussed Sheru with a colleague who carried the tale to him in the evening.

Sheru ko gussa aaya. A salad exploded like a bomb on Sunday. Without knowing her and without having any information about her, Sheru wrote about her.

Now, it so happened that Sheru’s guess touched some delicate strings of her bikhri hui life. She suspected Sheru’s colleague for sharing the vital information. But this was not true. Sheru’s friend was himself unaware of her problems.

Sheru felt sorry for hurting her so badly.

 Sheru hurt another buchi very badly. In 1997 Sheru made a bitter salad titled dinay saday naal, rati kisi aur naal. This is a Punjabi song sung by Gurdaas Mann. He says of her beloved that she is with him during the day and with strangers at night.

 The salad upset the buchi’s stomach so much that she did not take any food for three days. She got the cutting laminated and showed it to Sheru a few months later. However, this time Sheru did not feel sorry for her. Sheru does not know why.

 Sheru, however, compensated the damage caused in one case. The salad helped one of them take a decision. She achieved her cherished goal.  She did not thank and Sheru did not complain.   She knew Sheru does not care. An aunty severely criticized Sheru for his salads during a women’s function at the College of Education. Sheru’s colleague was there, he called him from there and Sheru tried to guage what the aunty was saying, but failed. Unfortunately for the lady, it was a Saturday and Sheru was just gearing up to prepare his salad.

Sheru took the lady to task for criticizing him behind his back. The salad went to her head. Sheru was told to take care. The lady had vowed to make a `map of the world’ on his face by her long nails which Sheru then called claws.

Sheru does not care. He did not stop. Another salad followed to provoke the aunty but she saw reason and avoided confrontation with Sheru.