‘Crucify, not glorify those who are dangerous to society’

Srinagar: A division bench of J&K High Court on Friday stressed need for “rationalization” of what it said glorification and crucification in the society.
“We do not want any person with lower merit to be glorified. They are gloried, and those who are brilliant are crucified. This glorification and crucification has to be rationalized. Crucify those who are dangerous to the society and glorify those who bring glory to the society,” the division of Chief Justice M M Kumar and Justice Hasnain Massodi said in their observations during the hearing of a PIL pertaining to scam in conducting of Common Entrance Test by BOPEE.
“Why should system work to facilitate criminals? It would work to protect law-abiding people,” the bench said, questioning the inability of the Crime Branch to arrest government officials or businessmen involved in the CET scam.
This type of case, the bench said, cannot be affected if staff has been deployed for elections. “This team must be fully devoted to this task only and it is not even about day to day but minute to minute. Otherwise what is the difficulty in arresting these 17 absconders? What for they are absconding? In these cases, the procedural requirements should be strictly followed. No relaxation to the persons like these,” the bench said, asking all concerned to visualize its impact on society.
“A child, who has burnt midnight oil, commits suicide. Where will they go? They know very well that a student in 10+2 was zero and despite him/her securing 90 percent marks, a student with lower merit secures admission in MBBS and they fail to qualify. There are parental, societal pressures on the student…and the child believes that he is a useless person and decides it is better to leave this world. Those innocent and those brilliant students’ society loses. And we do not want any person with lower merit to be glorified.”