1946: Sher-e-Kashmir Arrested on Quit Kashmir Stir

The Sher-e-Kashmir was taken into custody for his Quit Kashmir Movement which had caused a stir across the Valley. Hundreds of political activists were arrested. Scores were killed when Dogra soldiers opened fire on demonstrators in various parts of Srinagar.

1952: Washington Cables US Mission at UN

“A. If Graham requests USUN advice (on the) next step vis-à-vis Pakistan, in reply you may indicate (the) following:

  • 1. We believe (that) he is in (the) best position to know what course he should pursue and we are prepared give him such support as he may indicate he desires;
  • 2. It is our opinion, that best course for him (to) pursue would be to acknowledge Pak communication and state that after careful consideration (of) their reply he is still convinced (that) the course of action which should be followed is that indicated to the parties in his Apr(il) 21 report and subsequent clarifying aide-mémoires.
  • 3. He might add assurances (that) he will adhere strictly to (the) course of action he has indicated and (that) he hopes (that) it will be possible to begin negotiations at an early date.

B. We understand this position (has been) conveyed to (the) UK Del(egation) who have indicated (the) likelihood (of) their agreement.


(PS): Telegrams 830 and 831 from New York, dated May 19 and 20, respectively, reported that Pakistan had replied to Graham’s last note and were sending representatives to New York immediately. The representatives would be authorized to discuss only Graham’s 12-point proposal, with emphasis on the four un-agreed points. They would be authorized to negotiate on these points only on the basis of Graham’s conclusions as contained in his report to the Security Council of December 18, 1951.