Did NC fund JKLF’s anti-election campaign? Yasin Malik to participate in ‘awami adalat’

Srinagar: Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) Mohammad Yasin Malik on Sunday said he will participate in the people’s court (Awami adalat) being organized by a civil society group, Kashmir Centre for Social and Developmental Studies (KCSDS) over allegations by an Indian columnist that his party’s election boycott campaign was funded by the ruling National Conference.
In a statement here, a JKLF spokesman said that after the successful election boycott campaign in Kashmir, pro-India circles started a malicious campaign against resistance parties and leaders. “This was done to divert attention of people and international community from successful boycott and to make it doubtful. In this regard an Indian journalist Prem Shankar Jha wrote a column in which he leveled false and fabricated allegations on resistance circles especially JKLF. After this pro-India PDP leader Muzaffar Beigh leveled concocted allegations against Hurriyat leaders,” he said.
The spokesman said that JKLF leaders and elders held a meeting in this regard in which the issue was discussed threadbare and participants submitted their opinions vis-a-vis participation in the proposed people’s court.
“Speakers in the meeting said that JKLF is an organization whose cadres and leaders are symbols of resistance and sacrifices. It will need volumes to compile these sacrifices and acts of resistance and the history of JKLF bears a witness to this fact. Speakers said that right from its founder father of Kashmiri nation martyr Mohammed Maqbool Butt till date, this organization has been striving and sacrificing for the sacred cause of freedom without the fear of pain, sufferings and blames of accusers,” the spokesman said.
“Speakers said that JKLF has been doing its efforts openly, without ambiguity and we have never shied away from facing questions and queries regarding our political activities. Speakers said this is the organizations whose founder Mohammad Maqbool Butt stood firm before courts in India and Pakistan and replied the questions of people with confidence and it is this organization whose chairman Mohammad Yasin Malik chased a Pakistani-American Mansoor Ajaz to Pakistani Supreme Court after he had leveled some fabricated accusations.
“In the meeting it was said that in public life questions are asked and most of the times enemies pose fabricated queries to defame and harm ones personality, organizations and movements and the allegations that have direct bearing on ones collective social life and political and freedom movements often need a firm reply. Keeping this in view JKLF leadership decided that chairman Mohammad Yasin Malik will himself participate in the proposed people’s court organized by the KCDCS and will give JKLF perspective in this regard,” the spokesman added.