1952: US Secretary of State Recounts Talk with President

“The President agreed not to make any public move in Dr. Graham’s appointment for three weeks or so. He would like to review the matter in the first or second week in June. He contemplates that there may be some opposition to Dr. Graham and he would like sufficient time so that mere delaying tactics cannot defeat the appointment.

D[ean] A[cheson]”

1965: Major Clash on LoC, 40 Pak Soldiers Killed

A major clash occurred on the ceasefire line in Kashmir and 40 Pakistani troops were reported killed. On June 30, a status quo ante agreement was signed between Pakistan and India and arbitration accepted in case the two sides failed to settle differences (the dispute was finally settled in July 1969). More changes were introduced on April 10 to integrate the state further with the Indian Union. Nomenclatures were changed to bring them in line with those prevailing elsewhere in India, with the Prime Minister thenceforth being called the Chief Minister, and Sadar-e-Ryasat was changed into Governor. Earlier in January, the Indian National Congress, the ruling party in Delhi, had established a branch in Kashmir, and the Prime Minister of Jammu and Kashmir, GM Sadiq, had announced the dissolution of the National Conference and the absorption of its membership in the Indian National Congress.