Will Modi’s BJP implement RSS agenda, asks Malik

Srinagar: Chairman of Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF), Muhammad Yasin Malik, has said that Kashmir dispute is the biggest hurdle in the way of peace, prosperity and development of South Asia and without its resolution no one can think about peace and development the region.
In a statement , Malik while commenting on victory of Bharatiya Janata Party in the Indian Parliamentary elections, said that the BJP Prime Ministerial candidate, Narendra Modi himself had said that people of India had given him the mandate for development and that to implement his agenda of development he needed 10 years.
He said that for development it was necessary to have an atmosphere of peace and stability and everybody knew that peace could not be established in vacuum. To create peace and stability it is imperative to provide strong foundations and this is done through resolving the long pending disputes, Malik added.
Malik  said that the BJP and the personality of Narendra Modi and their long association with RSS were making the situation more complicated. He said that after 1947, RSS had been asking Indian public to give it a powerful mandate so that it could implement its agenda which is eradication of Muslim personal law and enacting a common civil code, construction of Ram Mandir, and complete merger of Jammu and Kashmir with Indian union against the wishes and aspirations of the Kashmiri people. He said, now the question arises that will new Indian government implement this dangerous agenda of RSS and set on fire the entire South Asia or will it resist the agenda?
He said that RSS agenda and the dreams of development were two different things and one needed to wait and see which agenda was given priority by the new Indian government.