Who Will Bell the Rat?

A buchi was in a serious counseling session with her aunty.  Sheru happened to be there and couldn’t help being drawn into the sermon.  Aunty conveyed to her niece that women were strong enough to live life on their own.  According to her, women had no need to go for marriage as they could live peacefully alone.

Well, in a democracy everyone has a right to propagate whatever kasafat is born in his or her brain. So Sheru did not object to what the aunty said, but made a mild mention of the Bollywood seductress of the 80s, Parveen Babi, who died in her room and was taken for burial only when the stink from her apartment alerted neighbours.

Parveen Babi was a beautiful woman who had enjoyed life to the hilt, and earned a lot of fame and money. An army of fans would accompany her wherever she went – but she died alone.

The aunty was shaken, but only for a moment.  She resumed her sermon, little knowing that Sheru was ready to do battle.

He listened politely, but posed questions at every turn of the aunty’s lecture. She tried her best to stay calm, but the wrinkles on her forehead told Sheru that she was about to lose her cool.

That was precisely what Sheru wanted.

However, before the aunty could explode, Sheru posed the most important question: Sheru recognizes your right to live alone, but who will kill the rat?

The aunty frowned. It was clear that she had not understood.

Women are generally scared of rats. Whenever they see one, they scream, and run for dear life. Rats are found everywhere, even in airplanes.

So when a rat `visits’ the house of a lady living alone, what will happen?  Who will get rid of it?  People can’t afford to have rats running around freely in their homes.

The aunty gave Sheru a scornful look.

Sheru is not against what buchies and aunties call women’s lib.  But as they say, liberty brings responsibility, and one who cannot handle a rat had rather not dream of liberation either.

Liberation, Sheru believes, goes beyond taking off and shaking a leg.

The aunty must have cursed Sheru inwardly. The buchi too was angry, but appeared to have grasped that not marrying brings no relief from rodents.

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