In rout, NC-Cong save security deposit as 62 candidates forfeit it

Srinagar: Ruling National Conference and Congress alliance in Jammu and Kashmir has been routed as election results brought joy and jubilation to opposition Peoples Democratic Party and the BJP camp, which is all set to form the government after achieving a simple majority at central stage.
But the six NC-Cong alliance candidates including its veterans—Farooq Abdullah and Ghulam Nabi Azad have managed to save security deposit.
With 76 candidates vying for six seats in the state, there were bound to be 70 losing candidates. However, among these 70, there exists another sub-group of 62 candidates who together contributed a sum of Rs 1550000 to the exchequer.
These candidates have forfeited Rs 25000 security deposit as they failed to get sixth part of the total number of votes polled in their respective constituency and include nine in Anantnag, 13 in Baramulla, 12 in Srinagar, 17 in Jammu and 11 in Udhampur. At the same time, none of the four candidates forfeited security deposit in Lakdakh.
In Anathnag, there were 375279 including 5936 NOTA votes polled and its sixth part comes to 62547.
While PDP’s Mehbooba Mufti bagged 200429 of the total votes polled, her nearest candidate of National Conference Mirza Mehboob Beg had secured 135012 votes.
The others including Tanveer Hussain Khan— Independent got 7340 votes, BJP’s Mushtaq Ahmad Malik (4720), JKNPP’s Syed Abid Ahmad Shah (4345), Abdul Ahad Mir— Independent (3439), BSP’s Mohammad Sharif (3312), APP’s Dr Tanvir Maqbool Dar (3252), Ghulam Nabi Shah(1837), AJKRP’s Mohammad Maqbool Rather (1568), while AIFB’s Asif Jeelani managed 803 votes.
In Baramulla—spanned over three districts, 465992 include 4568 NOTA votes were polled and its sixth part is 77665.
PDP’s Muzaffar Hussain Baig got 175277 votes while NC’s Sharief-ud-Din Shariq managed 146058.
Others—Salamuddin Bajad of JKPC bagged 71154, Er. Abdul Rashid Sheikh—Independent (22090), Abdul Hussain—Independent (7301), BJP’s Ghulam Mohammad Mir (6558), Tanveer Hussain—Independent (5788), Ayaz Ahmad Sofi—Gareeb Aadmi Party (5566), Syed Mohd Rafiq Shah—JKNP (4141), Mohd Abdullah Chatwal—Independent (4006), Abdul Hamid Malik—Independent(3655), Mohd Shafi Bhat—Bahujan Samaj Party(3143), Bashir Ahmad Jagal—Prism(2694), Nisar Ahmad Ahanger—Independent(2050), Ashiq Hussain Ganie—Independent(1943)
In Srinagar, 4979 NOTA among 296162 votes were polled and expect winner Tariq Hameed Karra–PDP with 157923 votes and Farooq Abdullah of NC with 115643 were the only among 14 candidates to have crossed 49360 (sixth part) mark.
Others failed to cross and lost the security deposit and they include Aga Syed Mohsin—Independent with 16050 votesFayaz Ahmad Bhat—BJP(4467), Dr Raja Muzaffar Bhat—Aam Aadmi Party(3271), Mirza Sajad Hussain Beigh—Independent(2802), Abdul Rashid Tantray—Independent(1668), Bashir Mohd Reshi—Independent(1215), Mohammad Shafi Guroo—Independent(1157), Rabia Altaf—Independent(864), Chetan Sharma—Independent(608), Mohammad Maqbool Malik—JKNPP(583), Mushtaq Shamim—Akhil Bharatiya Muslim League (521), and Riyaz Ahmad Wani—Independent(461).
In Jammu, 1253593 including 4382 NOTA votes were polled and 17 out of total candidates in fray failed to get 208932 votes to protect their security deposit.
While Jugal Kishore of BJP got 619995, his nearest Madan Lal Sharma of Congress polled 362715 votes while other including Yashpal Sharma of PDP got 168554, Ashok Kumar—BSP(31199), Hari Chand Jalmeria—JKNPP(9071), Mohd. Imtiaz—Independent(7423), Perseen Singh—Independent(7173), Gursagar Singh—Socialistic Democratic Party(6042), Nirmal Singh—Independent(5286), Vijay Kumar—Independent(5125), Labha Ram—Independent(5046), Abdul Majid Chouhan—Independent(4177), Bahadur Singh Chowdhary—SP(3164), Raj Kumar—Independent(2991), Ashok Kumar Sharma—Independent(2582), Mohd. Abbas Khan—Independent(2469), Subash Chander—AJKKMP(2205), Mehar Manav Bhagat—BSP(2013), and Satish Poonchi—Independent(1981).
Similarly for Udhampur with 1041758 votes polled, only winner Dr. Jitendra Singh—BJP(487369), and Ghulam Nabi Azad—Congress(426393) managed to cross the 173626 vote mark to prevent forfeiting of the money.
Others include Mohd Arshad Malik—PDP(30461), Prof. Bhim singh—JKNPP(25312), Dharam Pal Balgotra—BSP(16437), Anil Khajuria—Independent(15188), Nazakat Hussain—Independent(9217), Bansi Lal— Independent (7339), Anil Kumar Gupta—Independent(5755), Sham Lal—AJKKMP(2187), Girdhari Lal—BBP(1971), Smt. Amrit Barsha—SP(1842) and Jagdish Kumar—BMBP(1809). There were 10478 NOTA votes in the constituency.
At the same time, in Ladakh constituency with 89795 total votes polled, all the four candidates managed more than 14965 votes to save their pride.
While Thupstan Chhewang of BJP with 31111 was declared winner, his nearest Ghulam Raza—Independent polled 31075 while Syed Mohd Kazim—Independent got 28234 and Tsering Samphel of Congress had 26402 votes.
In the cold desert, 1207 voters have pressed newly introduced ‘None of the Above Option’, also known as “against all” or a “scratch” button on Electronic Voting Machine (EVM).